Tough Love

Tough love has been the anecdote of self realization for a long time.  Blinded by dreams that were not reality.  Now taxes go up, who knows what’s next.


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Another Recession, but are my maslow needs met?

Taking care of your personal needs and making sure the needs of family are met are very valuable.  It makes life easier when knowing before technology, gas prices, and financial stability was a factor that everything will work out for the better if this is suppose to be the worse….

Hello world!

Inspiration for UNCP


            On Wednesday August 27, 2008 the Givens Performing Arts Centerwas filled at the capacity to listen to the speaker Andrea Mosby-Jones, a consultant and speaker for over 17 years.  A prelude from the band played while some arrived late to receive food for thought for their school years.  Greetings from the faculty addressed everyone from east to west and international students.

Welcoming the students to hear how people of different status can all look at challenges not as hindrances, but as opportunities to build character and to allow a person to learn about their full potential.

Jones approached the podium to address the crowd. Saying hello to section eight, followed by a poem called Message from the master.  She preferred to use hand motion and walk around.  Her body language and eye contact drew the crowd’s attention.  There was a sign language interpreter there to reinforce her words of wisdom.

“Most people speak through their fear and not their dreams” said Jones.  Some people had the look on their face as if the speaker was only talking to them. Jones reminded everyone of having a plan (a) and a plan (b).  “It’s in the journey where you build character” said Jones.  She ended the convocation speech to tell the students to write down one or two things that they could commit to. 

Jones spoke again that day at 4 pm and 8 pm to share food for thought and how working hard to make the right decisions will build that character and inspiration.